For a limited time Demonstration experiment Tokyo-Rinkai Shuttle For a limited time Demonstration experiment Tokyo-Rinkai Shuttle


About Tokyo-Rinkai Shuttle

Tokyo Rinkai Shuttle is a free reserved seating shuttle that operates for a limited time between Kachidoki and the Odaiba area.

It can only be reserved using the Mobility Pass app. Passengers board at a predetermined boarding point. The shuttle operates on two routes: the Odaiba Circuit Route (convenient for sightseeing and shopping in the Odaiba area) and the Kachidoki - Odaiba Route (provides convenient access from Kachidoki/Toyosu to Odaiba). The shuttle is perfect for sightseeing in Odaiba, traveling with family, or when you have a lot of bags!

Operates from January 16 (Thu.) - February 12 (Wed.), 2020, 10:00 - 19:00

How to use

  1. Step1

    Download the Mobility Pass app from the app store.

  2. Step2

    Search for the area you'd like to go to. If "Tokyo Rinkai Shuttle" comes up as a possible route, tap "Reserve." (You will be able to confirm the details of your reservation and where the shuttle currently is in the app.)

  3. Step3

    Enter the number of passengers and proceed to the boarding point before your boarding time. Give the driver the reservation number shown on the reservation confirmation screen when you board.

  4. Step4

    Get off the shuttle at the designated point.
    ※There are no signs for public roads such as bus stops.


  • For your safety, please wait on the sidewalk.
  • If you no longer need the shuttle, please be sure to cancel your reservation on the app.
  • Please tell the driver when you board if there is a change in the number of passengers boarding. The driver will tell you if there are any free seats, at which point you will be able to add passengers. (Please understand that additional passengers will not be able to board if there are no free seats.)
  • The shuttle bus may stop slightly distant from the designated boarding point depending on traffic conditions near the boarding spot.
  • Be aware that your reservation will be cancelled without notice should you be late for the shuttle.
  • In the event the shuttle is running late, it will depart immediately upon boarding/deboarding passengers. Be sure to be at the boarding point on time. (Your reservation will be cancelled if the shuttle bus leaves without you and you will need to make another reservation.)
  • In the unlikely event that an accident or difficult operation occurs, operation may be suspended.Please note that we will not be able to contact you to suspend operation.

Routes & Boarding Spots

(1) Odaiba Circuit Route

Free shuttle bus that goes around to sightseeing/shopping spots in Odaiba. Perfect for people with a lot of bags and for enjoying a tour around Odaiba.

(2) Kachidoki - Odaiba Route

Free shuttle bus that passes through Kachidoki, Toyosu, and Shijomae on its way to Odaiba. It's a convenient shuttle that provides direct access to the Odaiba area from in front of Kachidoki Station.


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